Reservoir Survey

Reservoir Survey

Strategic Planning Made Easier with Hydrographic Surveying. Delivering essential information for efficient reservoir management.

In a drought prone country like Australia, where millions of people rely on the country’s many reservoirs for a safe and dependable water supply – efficient, forward thinking and strategically planned reservoir management is crucial. The risk involved in reservoir management can be mitigated with quick access to relevant and accurate data.

An up-to-date, comprehensive survey of an entire reservoir can provide an abundance of vital information that is used to make more intelligent and informed management decisions.

A high detail reservoir survey will deliver:
• The current capacity of the reservoir
• A 3D model of the reservoir that will provide a better understanding of the reservoir bed surface
• An estimate of sediments within the reservoir
• Capacity tables and graphs to quickly identify how much water is available at any given level
• A 3D model of dam walls, outlet structures and the reservoir bed to identify sedimentation of dam outlets

Total Hydrographic integrate various surveying techniques to provide you with full reservoir coverage granting you otherwise unobtainable information about the reservoir both below and above water level. The underwater section is captured with either a Multibeam Echo Sounder (MBES) or a Single Beam Echo Sounder (SBES). The above water data is captured using Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) from a vessel, RTK GNSS survey, drone photogrammetry or airborne LiDAR. A combination of these methodologies is often used to ensure full coverage for the survey model.

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