Marine Mobile Laser Scanning

Marine Mobile Laser Scanning

As a busy project manager for a marine environment or inland waterway you need accurate collection of data gathered from an unpredictable and complex environment. You need suppliers that know their equipment and use it properly to ensure that you get accurate results delivered quickly and efficiently.

This application is appropriate for a variety of uses including:
   • Erosion Monitoring
   • Coastal Mapping
   • Port & Harbour Surveys
   • Waterway Surveys
   • Reservoir Capacity Surveys

Talk to us about Marine Mobile Laser Scanning if you need:
   • Accurate data gathering
   • Fast surveying and measuring of features, structures and installations
   • Three-dimensional Surveying

Above: Mobile laser scanning data capture from our vessel


Above Right: 3D point cloud data of a combined multibeam echo sounder survey and a mobile laserscanning survey.

Total Hydrographic can provide the complete picture of your environment both above and below the waterline. The above-water lidar data combined with the below water sensors allow us to generate an accurate three-dimensional dataset of your whole marine environment.

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