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Side Scan Sonar

Side Scan Sonar

What’s going on under the surface of a body of water can be a bit of a mystery. A mystery that can be inconvenient, expensive and dangerous. Using Side scan Sonar, Total Hydrographic are able to unravel that mystery.

By allowing us to view structure, cover and contour changes - Side scan Sonar creates an image of the floor of your water body.

Using our state of the art technology we can map the bottom of the water bed to locate and image whatever objects or vegetation may be hidden down there. Aside from the obvious search and rescue benefits, Total Hydrographic will identify hazardous objects under the water i.e. those that pose a danger to water going vessels.

Side Scan Sonar is particularly useful for scanning large areas of water. The data acquisition is rapid and particular submerged features can be identified. These features can then be further clarified with a Bathymetric Survey.