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Services provided by Total Hydrographic

Beach or Erosion Monitoring

Sand movement on a beach or river bank erosion can occur very quickly and dramatically in a storm event.  Total Hydrographic can conduct multiple surveys at alternate instances in order to monitor and quantify material movements.

Side Scan Sonar (SSS)

Is used to efficiently create an image of large areas of the sea floor.  It is a great tool for feature detection of submerged objects as well as seabed classification.  

SSS can be towed behind a vessel allowing the towfish to get much closer to the seabed and provide better resolution on objects from its ‘side scanning’ perspective.

Sediment/Aquatic Vegetation Mapping

Using the latest in hydrographic technology Total Hydrographic can now accurately map areas and volumes of weed and mud below the water surface.  The latest Cee system used by Total Hydrographic incorporates a digital echogram and thus allows far more interpretation below the surface of the water.

Underwater Scanning

Using our Multibeam Echo Sounder (MBES) system we are able to scan sub marine structures and generate 3D models for verification, computational and monitoring purposes.  The ability to measure this sort of information below the water surface is a fairly new technology and the results are very impressive!

Underwater Scanning

Bathymetric Survey

Bathymetric survey is the job most frequently undertaken by Total Hydrographic.  Our unique equipment allows Total Hydrographic to specialise in data collection within all bodies of water including shallow, narrow areas and in amongst and underneath objects and structures.

Bathymetric Survey Side Scan Sonar Sediment/Aquatic Vegetation Mapping

GIS Asset Mapping

Geographical Information System (GIS) asset mapping is the process of data capture for any GIS.  Our unique range of vehicles/vessels allow efficient data capture on both land and water.

As built or as constructed marine infrastructure surveys

Beach or Erosion Monitoring